Writers are the members of a series crew responsible for crafting stories and shaping them into scripts. The script is the template that the rest of the production follows.

Sports Night was created by Aaron Sorkin and he remains the series head writer.

Season 1

  1. Aaron Sorkin - Head Writer (23 episodes)
  2. David Walpert - Executive Story Editor (22 episodes), Writer ("The Six Southern Gentlemen of Tennessee")
  3. Bill Wrubel - Story Editor (22 episodes), Writer (2 episodes)
  4. Paul Redford - Story Editor (9 episodes), Writer (2 episodes)
  5. Matt Tarses - Writer (3 episodes)
  6. Rachel Sweet - Writer (2 episodes)
  7. Tracey Stern - Writer ("Mary Pat Shelby")
  8. David Handelman - Writer ("The Sword of Orion")
  9. Mark McKinney - Writer ("The Sword of Orion")

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