William H. Macy
William H. Macy
Character Sam Donovan
Season(s) 2
Place of birth Miami, Florida, USA
Date of birth (1950-03-13) March 13, 1950 (age 67)

William H. Macy, born March 13, 1950 in Miami, Florida, USA, is an actor. He plays Sam Donovan in the ABC series Sports Night. He guest stars in the second season. He is married to Sports Night star Felicity Huffman. He has a starring role in the series Shameless. He had a longstanding recurring role in the medical drama ER. He is known for his roles in the films Fargo, Pleasantville, Jurassic Park III, Cellular, The Lincoln Lawyer, Seabiscuit, The Cooler, and Magnolia. He often works with writer and director David Mamet, having shared a theatre background with him in Chicago. Macy is an accomplished screenwriter and wrote the award winning features The Wool Cap and Door to Door.

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