Producers are members of a series crew involved in overseeing the making of the show. In order of seniority the producer positions on the series are:

  1. Executive Producer
  2. Co-executive Producer
  3. Consulting Producer
  4. Supervising Producer
  5. Episodic Producer
  6. Producer
  7. Co-producer
  8. Associate Producer

The series was created by Aaron Sorkin. Sorkin is an executive producer and the series head writer and show runner. In developing the series Sorkin worked closely with fellow executive producer and pilot director Thomas Schlamme. Sorkin and Schlamme were joined as executive producers by Brian Grazer, Ron Howard, and Tony Krantz from Imagine Entertainment and Rob Scheidlinger.

Kevin Falls was a co-executive producer and writer for the second season. Jeff Lowell was a co-executive producer for four episodes of the first season. Matt Berry, Ric Swartzlander, Tim Doyle, and Tom Brady were consulting producers for the same four episodes of the first season. Lynn Siefert was a more long standing Consulting Producer, working on 11 episodes of the first season.

John Amodeo was the episodic producer, or the producer who receives a "produced by" credit, for the first season and was promoted to supervising producer for the second season. Rachel Sweet and Tracey Stern were writers and producers for the first season. Writer Matt Tarses was a co-producer for the first season and was promoted to producer for the second season.

Writer David Walpert and Unit Production Manager Bruce Chevillat both became co-producers for the second season. Stephen Putnam was an associate producer for both seasons.

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