Seasons 1, 2
First Episode "Kafelnikov"
Last Episode "Quo Vadimus"
Appearances 19 episodes (see below)
Played By Rose Colosanti
Profession Studio Technician
Affiliation Sports Night
Gender Female

Billi is a recurring character in the first and second seasons of Sports Night. She is played by co-star Rose Colosanti and debuts in "April Is the Cruelest Month". She is a studio technician for Sports Night on CSC.


Season 2Edit

She takes part in Dan Rydell's passover celebration, playing "Rose".[1]


Season two appearances
"Special Powers" "When Something Wicked This Way Comes" "Cliff Gardner" "Louise Revisited" "Kafelnikov" *
"Shane" * "Kyle Whitaker's Got Two Sacks" * "The Reunion" * "A Girl Named Pixley" * "The Giants Win the Pennant, the Giants Win the Pennant!" *
"The Cut Man Cometh" * "The Sweet Smell of Air" * "Dana Get Your Gun" * "And the Crowd Goes Wild" * "Celebrities" *
"The Local Weather" * "Draft Day: Part I It Can't Rain at Indian Wells" * "Draft Day: Part II The Fall of Ryan O'Brian" * "April Is the Cruelest Month" * "Bells and a Siren" *
"La Forza del Destino" * "Quo Vadimus"

* - Uncredited appearance


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